Appraisal Services

A combined knowledge of real estate markets, appraisal techniques, the economics of timber production, and the economic impact of various silvicultural techniques result in accurate, realistic forestland appraisals.
The appraisal and valuation team, led by Richard Humphries and Brian Stone, has become widely recognized in the forestry and investment community for its ability to complete complex forest appraisal assignments and meet committed completion dates in an on-time manner. FRC’s appraisal experience across the Southeastern US includes a long, varied list of property types ranging from small private non-industrial parcels to very large commercial or investment-grade properties.
While most appraisals involve fee simple ownerships, many assignments address more complicated ownership interests such as limited partnership shares in the underlying timberland asset, undivided interests held by co-owners, leaseholds or leased fee estates, as well as other ownership interests in timberland.
A valuation assignment may require a formal fair market value appraisal meeting USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) requirements; or, a consulting assignment may be appropriate if a client needs a valuation based on prescribed investment or management parameters. The objectives and the client's intended use of the analysis and associated report determine the appropriate scope of the assignment.
Review a few of our appraisal project experiences; then call us. We will help you decide the most cost-effective approach to meet your specific valuation/appraisal needs.

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