FRC’s daily involvement with the marketplace through property management, appraisals, sales, acquisitions, and exchanges places the firm in a unique position of providing valuable assistance to those interested in either selling or investing in timberland.
The real estate sales division provides an array of services:
  • Locate properties consistent with client objectives and acquisitions or sale parameters.
  • Make preliminary inspection and review of property to determine value considerations.
  • Market pricing of potential offerings.
  • Make field inventory or timber cruise and prepare appraisal based on client’s investment parameters and objectives.
  • Financial analysis of potential investment acquisitions.
  • Timberland Sales and Marketing
  • Negotiate purchase or sale on behalf of client.
  • Coordinate closing through client’s designated attorney for sale, acquisition, or exchange.
Browse our properties for sale. When you find a tract of interest to you, contact us according to instructions with the particular listing.

Alabama & Georgia Timberland For Sale