This partial list of projects provides a view of the firm's varied experience and capability. To respect client privacy, names associated with each project have been omitted. We will gladly provide specific client references to accommodate individual requests. Projects fall into the following categories:
Forest Management Projects
Property Appraisals/ Valuation
Technical and Timber Inventory Services
Real Estate Services/ Projects
Other Consulting Services/ Projects
Contact us if you believe that we can help you with a similar project. If your project falls outside our level of expertise, we may be able to refer you to a capable expert.

Non-industrial Landowner - Evaluation of Third Party Lease Offer to Lease & Management Plan Development
The firm was retained by a non-industrial landowner to evaluate a long-term lease offer from a major forest products company on their 1,700-acre timber property in Georgia. FRC's evaluation resulted in the owner rejecting the offer to lease, thus retaining control of property, and initiating the preparation of a forest management plan. FRC developed and implemented the first management program for the property with two subsequent updates to accommodate changing market and forest conditions. Net revenue from multiple timber sales (after deducting all management cost) has far exceeded the annual payments offered under the long-term forest products company lease. The owners management strategy has resulted in the third generation of heirs continuing to successfully and profitably manage this central Georgia property and enjoy the associated benefits.
Timberland Investment Management Organization - Provide Forest Management Services
The firm was retained to manage approximately 25,000 acres of Georgia timberland acquired by an emerging timberland management organization. FRC continues to provide the growing organization with forest management services on approximately 130,000 acres in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.
Non-industrial Landowner - Conduct Timber Sale
The firm was retained to assist a Georgia landowner with a timber sale on 200 acres after a tornado severely damaged a significant area of mature timber. The salvage was completed, and the area site prepared and replanted. The balance of the owner’s property was later regenerated via a seed-tree harvest and natural regeneration plan. Although there has been little recent forestry activity, the owner anticipates thinning these stands within a few years.
Non-industrial Landowner - Development of Forest Management Plan
The firm was retained to prepare and implement a long-term management plan on the family's 4,300 acres of land in Georgia after the death of the family patriarch. Ownership passed to numerous heirs including individuals and trusts. The property has been held intact and actively managed for timber production.
County School System – Conduct Timber Sale 
A Georgia County School System hired this firm to conduct a timber sale prior to construction of a new school. The 60-acre harvest was designed to generate maximum sale income while accommodating building construction deadlines and maintaining the visual quality of certain areas of the property.
Non-Industrial Landowner – Develop Management Program
After the death of a family member, the firm was retained to review the 270-acre property and develop management recommendations. Considering the heir’s objectives, no immediate harvesting was recommended. Reforestation of 52 acres to Longleaf pine was completed, and thinning several stands of Loblolly was scheduled for the future.
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Non-Industrial Landowner - Valuation for Disposition
On behalf of this Georgia landowner who was considering a sale of her properties (1,800 acres), the firm completed a financial analysis to determine the optimum liquidation plan. The analysis enabled the owner to formulate a management/sales strategy that best fit her long-term investment objectives.
Non-Industrial Landowner - Timber Appraisal 
The firm recently completed a timber valuation for a landowner considering an additional property purchase. It was determined that the seller’s timber volumes were overstated, resulting in the client rejecting the purchase, and thereby preventing a poor investment decision.
Non-Industrial Landowner - Valuation of Partnership Interest
The firm was retained to provide appraisal services associated with the creation of a family limited partnership on 850 acres in middle Georgia. Ongoing share valuations are provided for gifting purposes. Creation of the partnership has increased family participation in the operation, resulted in the efficient and gradual transfer of ownership to the next generation in a tax efficient manner, and serves as a business model to promote a good working relationship between the family partners.
Private Investor - Valuation of Leasehold Interest in Timberland
FRC appraised the leasehold interest in 30,000 acres of Alabama timberland being offered for sale. A comprehensive cash flow projection and income valuation was prepared in accordance with the terms of the lease. The valuation served to guide the investor in formulating an offer price for the leasehold interest.
Banking Institutions - Valuation of Large Industrial Forest Holdings for Sale Purposes
The firm was retained by two New York investment-banking firms on behalf of a major Forest Products Company to complete an investment analysis in anticipation of a complete liquidation of the company's 865,000 acres of timberland holdings located in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. All bids received were within the projected range, and the top two bids were within 3% of FRC's appraised value. The project culminated in a successful sale of the property.
Timberland S-Corporation - Appraisal For Estate Tax
When the Georgia family patriarch and key shareholder of this large (30,000 acres) family timberland company died, the family retained FRC to prepare a comprehensive timber inventory and appraisal for estate tax and management planning purposes. In addition to valuing the timberland assets held by the company, the appraisal included a determination of the market value of the shareholder interest owned by the deceased, which served as the basis for estate tax payment. FRC's experience and solid reputation for valuing timberland and business entities contributed significantly in avoiding an overpayment of estate taxes.
Timberland Investment Management Organizations - Multiple Projects 
FRC has completed numerous valuation assignments in various southeastern states on behalf of institutional investment groups including the development of harvest schedules, cash flow analyses, market studies and comprehensive appraisals (to USPAP standards) of various estates including fee simple, leaseholds, and long-term timber deeds. Assignments have generally ranged in size from 500 acres to over several hundred thousand acres. 
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Forest Products Company - Timber Data Evaluation
A major forest products company retained the services of FRC to complete an
evaluation of its timber data of various tracts exceeding 4,500,000 acres. FRC responsibilities included a review of the property data, inventory design, supervision and audit of the data collection procedures, and processing and evaluation of the information. In addition to evaluating the accuracy of the timber data and forest typing, FRC completed additional analysis concerning growth and yield modeling.
Timber Dealer - Timber Inventories
Numerous tracts located in Georgia, Florida and Alabama, ranging in size from 50 acres to 2,000 acres, have been inventoried on behalf of this timber dealer. Timber volume estimates were provided to varied log size and merchandizing specifications designed to optimize the sale of products.
Large Timberland Owner and Forest Products Company - Timber Inventory For Supply Agreement
A timber inventory of 5,000 acres was prepared on behalf of both buyer and seller to determine annual timber sale volumes associated with a long-term timber supply agreement between the parties.
Large Forest Products Company - Inventory & Data Analysis
The firm has provided inventory design, supervision of field data collection, quality control audits, inventory processing, data transfer, growth and yield projections and other analyses on properties located in numerous southern states. Timber inventory information for properties totaling in excess of 8.5 million acres located in various southern states has been processed since 1999.
Land Dealer/Developer – Develop Property Sale Maps
The firm has provided customized mapping services for this major land dealer to assist in promoting property sales ranging in size from 50 acres to 50,000 acres across various southern states. Tracts are presented individually or in multiple packages in accordance with the client's marketing strategy.
Hunting Preserve Owner 
The firm produced a customized, large-scale map, suitable for framing, for use by this commercial hunting plantation of 1,000 acres located in Georgia.
Timberland Investment Management Organization 
To facilitate the client's annual appraisal process and ongoing management operation, the firm maintains a database of timber removals, current timber volumes, and property profiles, and generates updated property maps of lands located in various southern states.
Large Private Owner - Creation of Forest GIS Database and Harvest Schedule
The firm was retained to create a new forest inventory and database system for over 200,000 acres. Utilizing new aerial photography, the firm coordinated a digital mapping effort, designed and conducted a forest inventory, and created a harvest schedule designed to maximize the cash flow and rate of return from the forest. We continue to provide updating, growth and yield services, and annual reporting services.
Large Private Owner
The firm was contracted to provide a wood flow accounting and security system specifically for pay-as-cut sales. Our own internal system was modified expressly for the client's operations and has become a vital part of their ongoing business reporting and monitoring system. 
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 Large Non-Industrial Landowner

In order to complete a division of family assets and fund a stock repurchase, the firm was retained to market and sell over 100 parcels of land totaling in excess of 30,000 acres. This marketing effort was accomplished over a two-year period and resulted in achieving all the client’s desired goals.
Non-Industrial Landowner - Property Disposition
After a recent review and inspection of all their properties, an owner identified two parcels for sale. FRC listed, marketed, and sold the parcels on their behalf while providing assistance in implementing a tax free exchange for a significant portion of the sale proceeds.
Non-Industrial Family Partnership Acquisition of Property
A timber owning family with investment cash retained FRC to assist in finding and acquiring a property on their behalf. We were successful in the effort, which added a property that fit the client’s desired acquisition and investment parameters.
Timberland Investment Management Organization
Many of our institutional clients sell land at specific intervals. As part of our ongoing management responsibilities, we routinely assist in identifying and marketing individual properties. Over the last several years of a particular fund’s term, we have successfully sold approximately 30% of their acreage at premium prices.
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Non-Industrial Landowner - Division Plan for Family Estate
The firm was retained to represent one of two principles in the division of a family estate of 8,500 acres. We provided quality control audits of the timber inventory and appraisal services to assure an equitable division of the property.
Non-Industrial Landowner - Damage Assessment from Timber Trespass
The firm provided timber volume estimates for an 8-acre area based on stump measurements in order to determine the value of timber removed in a timber trespass case.
Non-Industrial Landowner - Market Study and Land Sales Strategy Plan
The firm recently completed a timberland sales study, market analysis and marketing plan for multiple tracts of timberland ranging in size from 50 acres to 2500 acres located over five Georgia counties.
Non-Industrial Landowner - Damage Assessment from Breach of Contract
The firm, for the landowner, made a field assessment and found the harvest operation in breach of conditions required by the contract/lease agreement. A report was prepared setting forth the value of damages resulting from the breach of contract (long-term lease and timber harvest agreement) between a landowner and a forest products company. Lands were located in Georgia and Florida. The case was settled with a jury verdict in favor of the landowner.
Forest Products Company - Damage Assessment From Logging
A landowner filed action against a forest products company which resulted in litigation before a Florida jury. The landowner was claiming damages to the residual stand of trees resulting from a careless logging operation. The firm conducted a study of timber conditions following the logging operation and found no damage to the residual stand. This firm provided expert testimony and the case was settled with a jury verdict in favor of the forest products company.
Non-Industrial Landowner - Assessment for Contract Compliance
The firm was retained by an attorney, on behalf of his client, to prepare an assessment of property conditions and market value subsequent to 30 years of management by a forest products company under a long-term management lease and timber harvest agreement. The firm identified major breaches in the terms of the lease and discovered significant loss of income and property value resulting from mismanagement. Litigation was settled during trial following an acceptable cash offer and surrender by the forest products company of the remainder of the 30-year contract.
Forest Products Company - Timber Theft/ Accounting Project
The firm served as a third party auditor of an ongoing wood supply contract. Analysis included review of inventory design, rework of field data and correlation of expected results to actual. Results of the study identified inaccuracies and problems, which ultimately led to significant process improvements, including elimination of a timber theft problem in Florida.
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