Advancements in intensive forest management technology, computer capacity, and the development of forestry decision software have greatly enhanced our forester’s ability to manage your forests.
Forests are dynamic and market conditions forever changing. Management decisions impacting the future of the forest are fully evaluated using Com*Trac/2000™, the firm's forest simulation/decision software that enables our foresters to process, in advance of implementation, those complex relationships affecting forest growth and financial performance. The benefit to our clients is less guesswork in our management decisions and recommendations which generate higher financial returns from the forest. Reliable information and greater certainty in forecasting also results in less risk in decision making. To review a sample of projects supported by the technical group, click here.
Com*Trac/2000™, developed by FRC, was the first such software developed outside a major forest products company and benefits made available to the non-industrial forestland owner/investor. Development began in 1982 and was completed in 1987 with improvements and additions continuing. Its reliability for projecting forest performance, strengthening management decisions, and supporting valuation and appraisal assignments has a proven and longer record of performance than any other decision software in its class.
FRC also provides forest database development, mapping, and information maintenance utilizing an integrated geographic information system (GIS). In addition, we have developed and maintain proprietary pay-as-cut wood accounting and security systems, inventory processing systems, and handheld data collection systems.
FRC’s reputation for efficiency, reliability, and accuracy is partly attributable to our strong technical capability and expertise.

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