No Forest Too Big. No Relationship Too Small.

FRC’s management, valuation, technical, and real estate teams are immersed in the forest industry and focused on providing daily value to clients, both large and small. We have a team of experienced foresters, specialists, and support staff at our headquarters in Macon, Georgia, and our regional offices in Columbus, Madison, Statesboro, and Waycross, Georgia; Nacogdoches, Texas; Picayune and Quitman, Mississippi; and Arkadelphia, Arkansas. We serve a broad spectrum of clients, including family forest owners, investment partnerships, mining companies, investment banking firms, forest products, railroad and insurance companies, bank trust departments, pension funds, real estate management firms, and timberland management organizations.

Forest Resource Consultants, Inc. (FRC)

About FRC

Leadership & Staff

Our dedicated team of foresters and support staff is committed to putting the needs of our clients first, and providing comprehensive forest management, appraisal, technical, and real estate services. Learn more

About FRC


Forest Resource Consultants, Inc. is an industry leader in comprehensive forest management, appraisal, technical, and real estate brokerage services. Find out more about becoming part of our team. Learn more

About FRC


Since 1970, FRC has provided comprehensive forest management, valuation, technical, and real estate brokerage services to private landowners, institutions, and industry. Learn more

About FRC

Philosophy & Process

Owning and managing land is not easy in today’s economic environment and marketplace. It is often a daunting and confusing task to determine what to do or who to trust. Forest Resource Consultants follows a strict code of ethics to ensure we always serve the needs of our clients. Learn more

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ESG Commitment

We live in an ever-changing world. The ability to respond quickly and positively to change is a requirement in today's competitive work environment. At FRC, we embrace change with an open mind and positive attitude. Learn more

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Case Studies

Read more about FRC's extensive experience in property management, valuations, real estate, general consulting and technical services. Learn more