Guided By Our Core Values

We uphold the highest standards of integrity throughout all our work.

1.  Treat all individuals with dignity and respect.

FRC’s greatest asset is our employees. Each and every encounter with one another is an opportunity to build trust and respect.  This includes all individuals, both inside and outside the organization. Challenging and developing people’s strengths and not dwelling on their weaknesses (which we all have) is the key to following this principle.

2.  Provide an acceptable return to every Stakeholder.

Stakeholders fall into four categories: Employees, Business Partners, Clients, and Financial Investors. Their importance is shown in the order listed.  Each Stakeholder has choices as to where and how they apply their time, talent, and resources; and each expects the company to provide good value for their investment.  FRC must provide long-term value to attract and maintain Stakeholder engagement and support.

3.  Continuously exceed client expectations.

Building a large and loyal client base is the key to FRC’s long-term viability and success.  Merely satisfying clients (or customers) is no longer adequate in today’s highly competitive environment.  Each project or task must be engaged with equal importance, and every encounter must be positive – meeting and exceeding expectations.

4.  Demonstrate consistent, measurable improvements in all aspects of the business.

Quality must be built into the fabric of every aspect of the business. Quality programs are based upon the fundamental concept of continuous improvement – of both systems and processes, as well as staff capability and competency.  Communication, evaluation, metrics, accountability, and training are critical to the process; and if properly implemented will lead to both individual satisfaction and business success.

5.  Promote and maintain a positive response to change.

The ability to respond quickly and positively to change has become a requirement for survival in today’s competitive environment.  Change must be viewed as a constant and embraced with an open mind and positive attitude. Our continued success depends on our ability to accept new information and technology, learn, assimilate, and adapt, then implement the changes that make us better.

6.  Be a responsible, active, and engaged corporate citizen.

FRC works diligently to be a good steward of the responsibilities with which we are entrusted. This includes providing a healthy, safe, and challenging work environment; taking active roles in various associations and other activities that benefit our industry and our communities; and also by implementing best practices for the natural resources which we care for and manage.

7.  Maintain a healthy, robust, and growing business.

No company – public or private, large or small – can neglect business health and longevity.  In this competitive and ever evolving business environment, all companies are at risk.  Maintaining and growing the business is not an issue that resides with only the senior management; each and every employee must actively pursue it by applying all the principles every day.