In Support of Forestry Interests

Title Document Type Topic Description
Alabama Forest Owners AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationThe mission of the association is to be the Advocate for the Forest Owner and to keep its members well informed on all things related to forest ownership.
Alabama Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationAFA represents our members as the Voice of Forestry in Alabama in state and national affairs; and support sustainable forestry practices and programs.
Arkansas Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacyAFA advocates for the sustainable use and sound stewardship of Arkansas’s forests and related resources to benefit members of the state’s forestry community and all Arkansans, today and in the future.
Florida Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationThe Florida Forestry Association is a statewide membership organization uniquely positioned to bring together those who grow and those who use Florida’s forests. Our mission is to promote the responsible and sustainable use of Florida’s forest resources.
Forest Landowners AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationFLA is a leading advocate promoting the rights of all private landowners—regardless of size, corporate structure, location, certification status, or tax classification.
Forest Landowners Tax CouncilExternal SitesAdvocacyProvides voice for private forest landowners on federal tax issues.
Georgia Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationThe Georgia Forestry Association (GFA) is the leading advocate for a healthy business and political climate for Georgia’s forest environment, forest landowners and forest-based businesses.
Louisiana Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationThe mission of the Louisiana Forestry Association is to promote the health and productivity of Louisiana's forests for present and future generations through the practice of Sustainable Forestry.
Mississippi Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationThe Mississippi Forestry Association is the only statewide non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining Mississippi's forests.
National Woodland Owners AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationThe mission of the National Woodland Owners Association is to use unbiased, research-based, objective and factual information to inform, educate and advocate for woodland owners, forest managers, natural resource agencies, media professionals, cooperating organizations, the general public, and policy makers to ensure a sustainable managed forest resource in the United States.
North Carolina Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationThe NCFA is a private, non-profit partnership of over 4,000 forest managers, landowners, mill operators, loggers, furniture manufacturers, educators and others concerned about the long-term health and productivity of the state’s forest resources and the industries they support.
South Carolina Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationThe Forestry Association of South Carolina is a private, non-profit organization of individuals and companies dedicated to forest conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.
Texas Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationTexas Forestry Association offers programs for almost every Texan interested in conservation, business, history, education, wildlife and more.
Virginia Forestry AssociationExternal SitesAdvocacy, EducationThe Virginia Forestry Association (VFA) is a non-profit, privately supported organization with the purpose of encouraging wise use of forest resources in the Commonwealth for present and future generations.