Timber growth and production are at the core of each forest. High-quality data is needed to make wise forest management decisions. Our inventory, GIS mapping, and biometrics experts play an integral role in providing you with the quality and type of information required for timely investment decisions.

Need to Solve a Problem? Technically, We Have You Covered.

No matter the size of your forest, Our Technical and data Services making informed decisions about your property often starts with gathering stand-level metrics, such as several acres, trees per acre, basal area per acre, and tons per acre. With this data in hand, our forestry consultants provide recommendations based on the land’s current characteristics and future yields – all tailored to your objectives. Our Technical & Data Services team’s expertise includes:


of southeastern forestland benefit from FRC’s technical and data services.

Technical & Data Services

“Today’s working forests require accurate data as a foundation to making sound and profitable management decisions. Superior Pine Products Company depends on FRC to complete inventory updates, and harvest scheduling, as well as assist in the maintenance of GIS boundary and stand data. This partnership ensures our data remains as accurate as possible.”

Robbie Lee – Superior Pine Products

Inform your management decisions with the help of our technical and data services team. Quality inventory and analytics can be invaluable for optimizing your assets and ensuring long-term success.

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Case Study

An institutional owner reached an agreement to sell a large property to a private buyer. The negotiations and price were based on the seller’s recent timber inventory and property information. The buyer needed confirmation of the data’s accuracy and engaged FRC to assist in the due diligence process. FRC’s responsibilities included a review of seller property data, inventory design, data collection and processing, volume equations, etc. FRC completed an additional analysis that included growth and yield modeling, harvest scheduling, and a Discounted Cash Flow analysis. FRC’s analysis confirmed the accuracy of the seller’s data, allowing the buyer to successfully close the transaction.

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