Our forestry experts have years of experience in managing forestry assets. We stand ready to assist you with any issue or project related to your forest.

A Personal Approach, Tailored to Your Needs

FRC works with a variety of clients – large and small – on a myriad of short and long term projects. In every instance, our highly-trained forestry experts are focused on the stewardship of your timberland asset, while ensuring the growth of your investment.

OVER 100

asset managers, forestry professionals, and support staff work directly with clients every day.

“Since taking over the family business in 2002, FRC has helped me successfully navigate the transition and management of our family lands. They have served as invaluable guides in several key forest management roles including: timber inventories, hunting lease administration, timberland appraisals, and real estate divestiture.”

Hannah Allen – Private Landowner

Whether we are engaged for a one-time service, or an annual or ongoing need, we are happy to help with any project – large or small.

How can we best serve you?

Case Study

A timberland investor identified a property of interest and made an initial offer. After visiting the property several times, the investor began to feel the asking price may be unreasonable. He retained FRC to develop an estimate of the property’s timber value. Our timber cruise and valuation uncovered significant overstatement errors in the seller’s published timber volume. After reviewing our analysis, the investor cancelled the purchase and avoided a sizeable overpayment.

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