Forests for Generations to Come

Since 1970, FRC has provided comprehensive forest management, valuation, technical, and real estate brokerage services to private landowners, institutions, and industry.

There are many extraordinary and unique qualities that define the southeastern U.S., but perhaps nothing is more representative of the region than its remarkable and abundant forest lands. Rising up from the edge of the sea, and stretching across lowlands, mountains, rivers, and undulating hills, these vast expanses of dense trees are indeed a signature of the American south.

The region has rich soils, a temperate climate, and long growing seasons. All are ideal for maintaining farms and forests and a broad array of wildlife, plant, and tree species. The rural south became the center of U.S. agribusiness in the 18th and 19th centuries, but a renewed focus on forest conservation and management from the mid-20th century to the present has helped sustain these important resources. Today, southern forestlands are thriving and offer tremendous growth and investment opportunities.

FRC began operations in Middle Georgia in 1970, with a focus on helping private non-industrial landowners achieve their goals for the family forest. The firm continues to serve family forest owners plus a diverse array of clients, including investment partnerships, mining companies, investment banking firms, forest product companies, insurance companies, bank trust departments, pension funds, real estate management firms, and timberland management organizations. As a standard-bearer in the forest consulting industry, FRC has completed a variety of client projects throughout the southeastern U.S. With over 100 foresters, specialists, and support staff, the firm manages over 2.2 million acres of forestland, and provides valuation, real estate, technical, and consulting services on several million additional acres annually.

FRC is committed to helping its partners and clients achieve optimal growth and value, while also ensuring environmental quality and protecting wildlife. FRC is dedicated to identifying value-added strategies that assist clients in attaining their objectives. The firm’s principals and key management staff hold and maintain membership in the Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc. (“ACF”), whose mission statement is, in part: “to advance and maintain high ethical standards for its members; to improve competency of its members.” FRC staff regularly participates in continuing education courses, and team members are involved with and serve as leadership on numerous local, state, and national forestry, appraisal, and real estate associations.