A healthy forest is one that is cared for and properly managed. Decisions you make today can impact your land for decades. Our timberland management team works with you to ensure the best possible future for your investment.

Building Your Forest Management Roadmap

Our forestry experts are focused on designing a timberland management road map that will achieve your land ownership objectives. Elements of a successful road map may include:

1,500,000 ACRES

are currently being managed by our staff of goal-oriented asset managers.

“We are absentee land owners that trust and rely on FRC to be our eyes and ears when managing the property to our objectives.”

Lucy & Tom Hughes – Private Landowner

We work with a variety of clients – both large and small. Our forest management team stands ready to talk with you about your project today.

Ready to build your road map to success?

Need Help with a Specific Project?

We recommend starting with the development of a customized forest management road map, but we can also provide services for a one-time project or general consulting services, including:

Site Preparation
(Mechanical & Chemical)

Herbaceous Weed Control


Prescribed Burning

(Establishment & Mid-Rotation)

Road Construction and Maintenance

Boundary Line Maintenance

Harvesting and Timber Sales
(Thinning & Final Harvest)

Case Study

We were recently approached by a landowner to prepare and implement a long-term management plan on his family’s 4,300 acres of land in Georgia, following the death of a family patriarch.

Within this plan, we assisted the landowner in passing the land on to numerous heirs, including individuals and trusts. The property has been held intact and actively managed for timber production.

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