Are My Forests Healthy?

The forest is a dynamic system – primarily composed of trees, but it also includes plants, animals, birds, insects, soil, water, sunlight and other elements. The basic cycle of life applies to the forest from birth of new seedlings through the juvenile years to maturity and ultimately, decline and mortality. Therefore, the forest is constantly changing.

Forests Healthy

Maintaining a healthy forest is difficult and complex. It requires the knowledge of entomology, pathology, environmental and growth conditions coupled with an understanding of the actual impacts of forestry practices that can be implemented to successfully maintain and promote both short-term and long-term forest health.

There are a large variety of insects and diseases that commonly impact tree species grown in the South.

The most common and pervasive are:

  • southern pine bark beetles
  • hemlock woolly adelgid
  • gypsy moth
  • various root diseases

In addition to these conditions, other factors such as invasive species, storms, flooding, wildfire, competition, and drought can have both short-term and long-term impacts on the health of your forest. Some of these risks can be mitigated through proactive management; others can only be dealt with in a reactive response.

As owners and managers, we have the opportunity and responsibility to affect the dynamics of an ever-changing forest. Decisions we make do have an impact. Our team of professional foresters has years of field experience and understand the complexity of the variables impacting forest health. We also understand the importance of integrating and implementing practices that achieve the landowner’s objectives. The health of your forest is important to us. Let us help you evaluate the health of your forest and align the complex management decisions that must be made to keep your forest healthy and meet your ownership objectives.

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