How Do I Evaluate or Appeal My Property Tax Assessments?

Property tax assessments and taxes have increased significantly since 2000, and in many cases have added a disproportionate financial burden to rural landowners. In some counties, tax liability threatens the very ownership and legacy of many family lands holdings.

Land is a unique, tangible asset that can provide financial, recreational, and intangible benefits. Obviously, these benefits create value in the marketplace, and taxing this value provides a reliable and dependable revenue stream for local counties, governments, and school systems. With ever increasing demands for infrastructure, economic development and quality service delivery, local governments often rely heavily on property tax revenues.

FRC has helped landowners steward their lands for almost 50 years, and we understand the strong connection between landowners and their lands.

Over the years, we have assisted landowners with:

  • Contesting assessment valuations
  • Appealing tax bills
  • Enrolling lands in preferential tax programs

We understand the desire for successful generational transfer, and the enduring legacy that land can build. We are active in the rural land market as well, and we have a deep understanding of the market forces that affect value.

Rural land ownership can provide great enjoyment. Landowners often develop a strong connection to their lands over time, which can be cultivated and passed to future generations.

Contact us today with your tax concerns and allow us to help you preserve your lands for your benefit now, and in the years to come.

Let us help you determine if you are paying inequitable property taxes due to inflated or incorrect property assessments. We can review your property information, diagnose your unique situation, and provide information regarding applicable preferential tax assessment programs. Our first consult is free, and we will provide a clear explanation of our recommended actions, deliverables, and costs before continuing.

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