How Do I Lease My Property for Hunting and Recreation?

Are you currently considering leasing your property for hunting and recreational purposes? Recreational leases are a good way to generate some annual income from your property, but landowners are often uncertain about the process and have difficulty finding a desirable hunting club, obtaining liability insurance, or developing an appropriate lease agreement.

How Do I Lease My Property for Hunting and Recreation?

Not only are there many moving parts and pieces, but often landowners do not have the time to administer leases on their property or just simply do not want the day-to-day hassle. We handle recreational leases on tens of thousands of acres, and we understand both the advantages and the potential problems associated with hunting leases.

FRC has developed a recreational leasing process

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Our comprehensive and professional approach simplifies the leasing process for landowners, allowing them to effectively lease their property for hunting and recreation purposes. With our expertise in lease administration and negotiations, we ensure a seamless experience for landowners while maximizing their property’s potential revenue. Our formal and professional services help landowners capitalize on their property’s potential while minimizing administrative burdens.

that maximizes revenue and simplifies lease administration for landowners.

Our lease administration services include:

  • Assessing the market lease rate for your property
  • Advertising the availability of your lease
  • Identifying suitable hunting clubs seeking properties
  • Execution of a comprehensive lease agreement that explicitly explains what the hunting club may and may not do on the property and that protects the rights of the landowner
  • Obtaining hunting club liability insurance coverage that protects the landowner and the club when your property is in use by others

FRC can simplify the leasing process for your property and take on some of the landowner’s responsibility and difficulties associated with lease administration. Also, because we operate a significant acreage of properties and aggregate a larger group of hunting clubs, FRC can usually get liability coverage at lower rates as compared to a single landowner.

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Hunting leases certainly offer an opportunity to generate additional income from your property, but management of these hunting leases can be a hassle on some landowners. Allow us remove the burden and make it easy for you.

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