How Do I Sell My Timber?

A timber sale is the single most important event during the rotation of a forest stand. Landowners must be well-informed when making this critical decision. We provide professional help so you can sell your timber successfully.

How Do I Sell My Timber?

A successful timber sale is well-planned and will maximize income while minimizing adverse impact on the land. It also provides you an opportunity to reinvest in reforestation or other forest management activities.

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Negative impacts can be significant if a timber harvest is done improperly.

Negative outcomes may include:

  • Below-market pricing
  • Poor timber product separation (e.g. pine chip-n-saw sold as pulpwood)
  • Damage to the land and it’s future productivity

Landowners are often at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to understanding all that is involved in a successful timber sale. We can help mitigate your exposure to these risks and represent your best interest.

Timber is most commonly sold by negotiating with individual timber dealers or through a sealed bid process. In addition to determining the best sale method, the method of payment must also be considered.

Landowners can receive payment on a lump sum basis – the purchase price of the timber is paid up front upon signing a contract

– or –

Landowners can receive payment on a pay-as-cut basis – the landowner receives payment as the timber is harvested based on the agreed upon unit price for each timber product (i.e., pulpwood, sawtimber, etc.)

The landowner’s objectives, quality and quantity of timber, timber market conditions, and the property’s size and access will determine which of these methods work best.

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We will work with you before, during, and after the timber sale process to ensure success. Our foresters will visit your property, discuss the method and types of timber sales, and provide recommendations based on your objectives. They can also discuss reforestation after harvest or other forest management activities that may be needed.

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