Forest Management

Forest management services may be a one-time reforestation project, a timber sale, a timber inventory or similar single service. For the small family forest owner, activity may only occur every 2 to 5 years while on a larger forest, management may require annual or even daily attention. Regardless of size, management of a forest usually begins with a plan in mind and most often a written plan.
For a 100-acre ownership, the plan may consist of an inventory of the timber and property conditions with a report presented as several pages of discussion on future plans, and a property map of the forest. For the larger ownership, collection and processing of forest data, preparation of the plan, and execution of the program is typically far more comprehensive. To review some of our project experience, click here.
The Forest Management Plan

A Forest Management Plan is a comprehensive written report prepared to guide a landowner and the forester in managing the property to meet the owner’s stated objectives. The plan is designed to maximize and balance property benefits, including financial, recreational, aesthetic, and environmental with emphasis on those amenities considered most important to the owner. A forest management plan is actually a blueprint for property management.
A complete field inventory of timber and forest stand conditions is essential. The collected field data is processed using Com*Trac/2000TM, the firm's analytical and forest simulation software, then combined with the forester's experienced judgment to produce a practical and operational plan of management. Detailed property maps of the forest provide a graphic presentation of the operational program.

1. A statement of the owner’s objectives and goals.
2. The general management methods and practices to be employed.
3. Silvicultural practices required to maximize economic returns.
4. Current timber volumes and valuation of all timber.
5. Income & Expense projections for 30-year period.
6. Specific 5 to 10 year operating detail.
7. Schedule of harvest plans.
8. Growth and yield projections.
9. Detailed forest stand maps. 

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