How Do I Find, Evaluate, and Purchase Timberland?

Are you looking for a good quality timberland investment, a diverse recreational property, or a combination of both? Undoubtedly it is easier today for a buyer to find and review available properties than 20-25 years ago. The Internet and real estate websites have made it much easier for buyers to find available properties. This technology has also made it easier for buyers (and sellers) to make mistakes during the evaluation and transaction process.

How Do I Find, Evaluate and Purchase Timberland?

Timberland and rural recreational property is unique from other types of real estate – with variable, complex issues to consider. Given the substantial cash investment that is usually required, the process should not be approached casually. Unless a buyer is knowledgeable of the intricacies and market factors affecting this asset class, it is difficult to make an investment decision with a sense of certainty.

Many sellers and brokers in today’s marketplace do not have the full expertise required for the asset class, nor do they have the buyer’s best interests in mind.

Some difficult questions to fully assess and answer include:

  • Do you know what type of timber is on the property and its worth?
  • What is the site quality of the land?
  • What is the age class distribution of the timber stands, and when will the property produce cash?
  • Is the seller’s data reliable?

Buyers are often in a difficult situation – sometimes without even knowing it.

There is a saying that “an investor makes money when he buys, not when he sells.” This is true regarding land. We often receive inquiries from new landowners after they have purchased a property. Unfortunately, in many cases, the property just does not “offer much to work with.” In order to make a wise investment decision, buyers should fully understand their motives for purchasing, as well as identify the appropriate location, market areas, property characteristics, and other factors that will ensure the property accomplishes their goals.

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Let FRC assist you in navigating the vast universe of timberland properties that are on the market so that you acquire a property that you are proud to own and that meets your goals. Don’t let less-than-expert guidance and poor understanding of the issues surrounding timberland acquisition lead to your ownership of a poorly performing timberland investment or a substandard recreational property.

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