How Do I Responsibly Manage My Lands?

Every timberland owner has the desire to manage their property responsibly, but there are varying degrees of knowledge about how to best accomplish that objective. Some owners seek the advice of family members, friends, service contractors, or timber buyers. Others may use government assistance or seek professional guidance.

Unfortunately, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is very true here, as some people you talk with may not be fully competent, have a complete understanding of the economic impact of decisions, or have your best interest at heart. Perhaps you see other owners harvesting timber, planting seedlings, marking boundary lines, or grading roads, but if you are not familiar with the value of your timber or the competitive cost to accomplish these tasks, an unscrupulous person can take advantage of you.

There are many decisions that a landowner must make, some of which will impact their lands for decades into the future.

Questions like:

  • When and how should I harvest timber?
  • What site preparation methods should I use?
  • What are the options for selecting the proper species or genetic family of seedlings to plant?

All of these have financial implications that must be considered. In addition to the financial aspects of responsibly managing your property, you must consider other factors. Each state has Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for forestry designed primarily to protect water quality. In many areas, governmental agencies regulate timber harvests by requiring prior approval from zoning boards, timber harvest notifications with state forestry commissions, and the payment of timber taxes.

These factors can be daunting to timberland owners, but FRC has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to guide you through the process and manage any or all of these activities.

  • We understand the economic impacts of these practices and justify our recommendations as we make them. We know what timber is worth, how to get you the best price, ensure that you are paid for all your timber, and manage the process from start to finish.
  • With our extensive network of contractors and the large acreage we manage for our clients, we know the current rates for site preparation, planting, road maintenance, and all tasks performed on timberland property.
  • We ensure that all operations conducted on your land follow the BMP’s and comply with governmental regulations.
  • If supplemental income is important to you, we administer and manage recreational leases.
  • As a full service forestry consulting firm, FRC can help you with all facets of timberland management, and we always represent you and your best interest.

Contact us to set up a free initial consultation to determine how we can serve you.

Our first meeting will focus on determining your goals for you and your family, learning about your property, understanding and addressing any concerns you have, and laying out the next steps to help you achieve your objectives. Let us help you be a good steward of the land so you can leave a legacy for your family, generate income, enhance the recreational aspects of the property, and/or improve the value of timberland asset.

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