What Are the Options for Selling My Land?

You have made the decision to sell your property but you are not sure of the right way to start. You obviously want to get the best price you can, but how do you go about it?

What Are the Options for Selling My Land

More than likely you have owned the property for several years – perhaps it has even been handed down through your family for generations. Your land is a very special place. The last thing you want is for someone to take advantage and pay you much less than it is truly worth. So, how do you know what the land’s value really is, and how do you market the property effectively?

Get Started

There are two options for selling your land:


Try to market and sell the property by yourself

– or –

Have a real estate professional handle everything for you


If you choose to hire someone, your next challenge is finding and hiring the right real estate professional.

The world is much more complex and faster-paced today than just twenty years ago. In some ways, technology has made it easier to market properties by allowing buyers to more easily locate, evaluate, and compare available properties.

Alternatively, technology has made real estate marketing much more complicated by requiring subscriptions to multiple marketing websites, the development and maintenance of email marketing campaigns and contact lists, and other regular electronic marketing communications.

Selling property requires that you accurately determine timber and land values which can involve legal descriptions, surveys, title issues, zoning, easements, leases, and identification of environmental issues.

Effectively marketing the property requires an understanding of local and regional markets, properly exposing the property, setting appointments and conducting tours with potential buyers, receiving and negotiating contracts, collecting earnest money, and communicating with attorneys and coordinating closings.

The real estate professionals at FRC have the experience to execute all of this as well as understand the potential pitfalls to look out for and problems to avoid.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your land and develop a plan on how to get it SOLD.

Let us work as your trusted advisor to help you accomplish a successful sale. The service we provide and the sales price achieved will more than offset our fee.

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